Rob Artus

Private Detective
President and CEO
Artus Group Investigative Services
Phone: 860-663-1003, ext 111
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Rob Artus is one of the leading private investigators in the Northeast and leads Connecticut’s largest private investigations firm, Artus Group, Inc. Rob and his team work extensively with most of the major family law firms in Fairfield County, handling all aspects of divorce, custody, family and corporate investigations. Rob has been an LSC member since 2010 and has worked with many LSC clients

Rob founded Artus Group in 2004 and has personally investigated hundreds of fraud, family and due diligence cases. He is a specialist in background investigations, pre-trial discovery and family investigations, and has provided court testimony in numerous family disputes. He routinely manages major investigations throughout the country, and has developed an extensive level of personal and professional resources worldwide.

Rob and his team understand that the depth, quality, legality and reliability of his information is critical. Call him for a free consultation today.