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Valerie Foster, C.MI., MBSR, worked as a journalist for decades – and credits her ability to stay calm under pressure to meditation. She has studied many forms of meditation, and a decade ago focused her attention on mindfulness meditation, a practice that enters every facet of her daily life – both personal and professional. Valerie has studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at UMass Medical School, Integrated Mindful Healthy Eating at Kripalu and Shambala, and has taken part in numerous mindfulness retreats over the years. She is a Certified Meditation Instructor.

Bill Van Ollefen, C.MI., MBSR, worked as a corporate executive for decades, and began studying Zen Mindfulness Meditation as a teen, as part of his classical martial arts training. When traditional medication and treatments failed to help his severe pain caused by a spinal cord injury, he turned to Mindfulness Meditation. He has integrated mindfulness into every aspect of his being and now lives a full and bountiful life. He has studied several styles of Mindfulness Meditation through martial arts, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at UMass Medical School. He is a Certified Meditation Instructor.

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Blog Posts

  • Pathway to Mindfulness – Tips of the Trade
    Mindfulness has become a buzz word, but really, what is it all about? In a nutshell, mindfulness is living in the present moment, enjoying and appreciating life, without letting past baggage or future worries intrude. The way to achieve mindfulness in all aspects of your life is to develop a sustainable, 20-minutes-a-day insight meditation practice that ...
  • Forever Slim!
    Honestly, I have been on many diets. And honestly, they have all worked for a time, but gradually all the weight has come back, and then some. Mindful eating is the exact opposite of being on a diet. It is a system of habits that you learn, and once they become part of your being, will ...
  • Is a Wandering Mind the Devil or the Cure?
    The single biggest challenge our students face during meditation is their wandering minds. Our response? We congratulate them, because noticing that their mind wanders is the first step in achieving mindfulness – that present moment awareness we strive to bring into every facet of our lives. Our suggestion to them is to notice their thoughts, to ...
  • Why mindfulness works for teens
    Teens are busy. School. Social life. Sports. After-school jobs. Throw in building a well-rounded high-school resume, and you’ve arrived at a perfect recipe for stress. Enter mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about focusing and being present in the moment. And the means to achieve this is with meditation – probably not an easy sell to a teen. So ...
  • Want to up your brain power? Try mindfulness meditation
    Mindfulness makes us smarter, kinder, better? Really? Absolutely! At a seminar we recently attended, author and neuropsychologist Rich Hanson, Ph.D., said that numerous studies have proven that mindfulness does physically change our brains, which in turn changes our entire lives – from the inside out. And how does this happen? Through mindfulness meditation, in which practitioners learn to ...