Elaine Morales-Thomason, M.Ed

Educational Therapist and Consultant
Founder and Director Emile Educational Constulting, LLC
Phone: 203-482-6243
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Elaine Morales Thomason, M.Ed, founder of Emile Educational Consulting, provides highly personalized educational planning, advocacy, consultation, placement, and counseling for adolescents and young adults whose educational, emotional, and social needs are not being met by traditional educational approaches. Her clients range from gifted students whose talents require specialized attention, to students who struggle with underperformance as a result of a varying range of disorders or difficulties.

Equally important to Elaine’s twenty years in her profession has been her fifteen years as a parent. She deeply understands the joys, hopes, stresses and frustrations organic to this role. Knowing how to guide children toward happy, healthy and successful lives can be arduous at times, but it is especially so when compounded by educational, emotional, social, or behavioral problems. Elaine eases this process by empowering both clients, emotionally and academically, and their families. She creates holistic individualized plans for success that deeply consider personal, scholastic, and family system needs, and involves collaborating professionals and educational institutions to ensure these support systems are in line with the overall goals and well-being of the student.

Elaine was drawn to educational consulting while preparing to attend law school and working as an intern in the adolescent court system in Boston. She recognized the process there as reactive, and knew her efforts to help guide these adjudicated youth would have little impact in that environment. It was then that she decided to combine her analytical acumen with her passion for affecting change within adolescents and young adults, to create a proactive educational consulting company that helps students realize their full potential before it is too late. Her clinical, solution-oriented approach is combined with her warmth, sense of humor, and patience, to yield positive, fulfilling outcomes.

Elaine’s Clients include:

Adolescents and young adults:

  • Experiencing mental health disorders and/or learning disabilities
  • Unable to launch into the next phase of their lives or have returned unsuccessfully from a failed college experience
  • Who are transgendered
  • Who are gifted or professional performers in need of customized educational plans


  • Who feel their child is struggling and impacting the home environment, and are unsure of a solution
  • Seeking short and long term educational advisement and planning
  • Seeking educational placements at the secondary, collegiate, and therapeutic levels
  • Assistance with transitioning their child pre- and post-therapeutic placement or between phases of treatment


  • Developing educational components to their aftercare planning
  • Seeking educational counseling for their students, patients, and families

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