Our ever-growing practice includes experts and specialists in a wide variety of complementary disciplines.  Please call Manpreet Jassal at 203.636.0080 to inquire about your specific needs, and he will connect you with the professional who can best serve you.

Psychotherapy, Psychological Services & Medication Management

The wide array of approaches and treatment options we offer, from an assortment of mental health providers, ensures an effective resolution for each of our clients.


Medicine, Health & Nutrition:

Our medical, health and nutrition providers help clients improve their well being both inside and out, with individually tailored plans designed to fit the variety of challenges experienced by our clients.


Substance Related & Addiction Issues

Our addition and recovery specialists help with all types of healing and span some of the most forward-thinking approaches to recovery today.


Financial Management & Advising:

Recognizing that finances are often emotionally charged, our professionals take a compassionate approach in creating the greatest benefit for clients through careful planning, analysis, and investment advice.


Our attorneys partner with clients at the center to build trusting relationships and provide legal advice through life’s transitions that is both empathetic and comprehensive. As needed, a skilled private investigator partners with attorneys in support of their clients.


Investigative Services:

These services provide relief to those with un-answered questions or struggling with mis-information to provide clarity and comfort to move forward with their lives in an informed manner.


Lifestyle & Wardrobe:

Life balance is an incredibly important part of the services we provide. Everything from personal presentation to home and office organization can impact how clients feel both internally and externally.



We provide guidance, care and access for those looking to make the most of their later years in life.


Consultation,  Coaching, & Career Management:

From business management, coaching and counseling to marketing and branding, these services provide career perspective for struggling professionals and entrepreneurs.


Educational Services & Tutoring:

Our educational and tutoring services provide great benefits to children looking to advance academically or those needing academic support. Our services include individual tutoring, specialized therapeutic care, and SAT and other standardized test preparation.


Alternative Approaches: