Kate Gardner Nutrition: The NEW Diabetes Cookbook

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Kate’s approach to cooking includes unprocessed, seasonal ingredients.  That’s why she uses real sugar, real butter, and minimally processed foods in her recipes.  Living with diabetes means eating healthy foods in controlled potions.

In her first cookbook, The New Diabetes Cookbook: 100 mouthwatering, seasonal, whole food recipes, Kate shares recipes like Buffalo Chicken Cigars, Farmhouse Saladand Orange, Chocolate, & Ancho Chile Cakes. 

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Kate’s approach to healthy cooking is simple; she creates hearty, flavorful meals using whole unprocessed foods with regard to nutrition and portion size.  Her style, American Peasant Cuisine, combines naturally healthy ingredients (like ginger and cinnamon) with regional foods, such as wild caught fish, native crops, and sustainably raised meat.   American Peasant is a nod to the healthier, heartier food that we once ate before processing monopolized the food system. The beauty of America’s cultural melting pot is mirrored in American Peasant cuisine.  By borrowing flavors from cultures worldwide and combining them, the recipes reflect a true melding of ingredients to boost flavor and health.


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Kate Gardner, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist specializing in whole foods and vitamins for optimal health and wellness.  She received her master’s degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and is currently pursuing her PhD.

Kate’s passion is improving the food environment through locally sourced food, sustainable agriculture, and education for empowerment.  She also enjoys counseling and educating clients while creating individualized plans based on her client’s needs, desires and personal goals.  She currently counsels patients at her office in Darien, CT and in White Plains, NY.  Kate specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, medical nutrition therapy and diet modification.  In addition to counseling, she has been a featured expert in print media, creates recipes for various organizations, and has hosted hundreds of cooking demonstrations.