Gregory M. Doll, MDiv

Student Athlete Mentor & Character Coach, Crisis Chaplain, Spiritual Director
Phone: 203.636-0080 x594


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.21.48 PMAfter pastoring churches in North Carolina, Ohio and Connecticut, Rev. Greg Doll currently serves as a Minister-at-Large” in the Presbyterian Church (USA), the denomination through which he was ordained in 2000. He received a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 1999.

At Life Solution Center of Darien, Greg serves as a student-athlete mentor and character coach, and as a support and guide for individuals going through life’s transitions and challenges. Many student athletes have private instruction to supplement what their parents can do to help them grow as athletes. They also have private tutors to help supplement what their parents can do to help them grow as students. Greg has been asked by parents to supplement what they do to help their kids grow as people. Greg assists parents in their formidable task and responsibility of forming their children and preparing them for the future. He says, “I realize that this is a sacred trust, and I take it very seriously. I love the fact that we are talking together about something as important as their character. I recognize how significantly this can affect the trajectory of their lives. It is an immense privilege.”

The second client focus for Greg will be walking with people through difficult transitions and challenges. “Over the years I have spoken to a lot of people who were carrying outrageously heavy emotional burdens. We were never designed to carry these things around by ourselves. We are simply not built for it.”

The third area of care will probably consist of what Greg has come to affectionately refer to as the “successful and the miserable.” He cared for a lot of people in this category during his 15 years of parish work. Everything is going well for them professionally and relationally. They are physically healthy and yet they’re miserable. And they can’t figure out why, despite the fact that they’ve been able to figure out most things their whole life. They can’t even enjoy the fruits of their labors because of the turmoil in their interior life. This is where he can offer to do a bit of spiritual direction. “This is based on his experience and conviction that we are more than minds, hearts and bodies. We also have souls that need to be tended to. A little soul tending goes a long way towards a life of peace, joy and contentment.”

Greg is also the Chaplain for the New York City Football Club, and a guest chapel speaker for the NY Giants. Greg is on the coaching staff of the Darien High School Varsity Football Team and sits on the Board of Directors for the Darien Little League. He has served as a hospital chaplain, and continues to provide chaplaincy services for local retirement communities.

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