Tips of the Trade: College Readiness: Creating a Blueprint for Success

College success is a goal that most of us expect. Schools and families do their part to guide and counsel children towards skill building, good decision-making, and maturity. Notwithstanding these best efforts, many newly minted high school graduates struggle as they transition into demanding post-secondary environments. Some students transfer colleges, some take more than four… Read more »

Saved from Addiction


SAVED FROM ADDICTION, INC. Joseph A. Russo, M.D. CEO and Executive Medical Director Medical Director and Co-Founder of The Recovery Center of Westport Maud Purcell, MSW, LCSW, CEAP Chief Clinical Officer Founder and Executive Director of The Life Solution Center of Darien We live in a time in which addiction to opioids, alcohol and other substances… Read more »

RAM Council Foundation Presents: The Power of Prevention: Success Stories and Strategies for Healthy Teen Years

Thursday, March 31, 2016 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm New Canaan High School Wagner Room Student Presentations by NCHS 9th – 12th  Substance-Free Members Q & A with Prevention Panel Suggestion Donation: Adults $10; Students Free PANEL OF EXPERTS: Rob Mallozzi, New Canaan First Selectman Mark Davis, Headmaster St. Luke’s New Canaan, Family Story Joe… Read more »

RAM Council in the New Canaanite

The Ram Council Foundation, an organization built around a group of NCHS students who lead substance-free lives, is scheduled on the night of Thursday, March 31 to hold a panel discussion, “The Power of Prevention: Success Stories and Strategies for Healthy Teen Years.” The question-and-answer session will feature panelists such as New Canaan First Selectman… Read more »

Reunification Therapy Networking Event at The Madison Beach Hotel

You are Cordially Invited to This Month’s Shoreline Networking Event at The Madison Beach Hotel.    Sara Mathews Dixon and Deb Noonan will present together this month, both of whom you can learn more about below. The presentation will provide an overview of the two types of reunification therapy from both a mental health and legal… Read more »

A Panel for Parents: Got Resilience?

Is your child prepared for their next step? Join us on Tuesday, January 19th at 7:00pm in the Darien High School Auditorium as five local experts give parents tips on helping their kids build resilience as they transition to their next life stages. This panel is appropriate for parents of elementary, middle and high school… Read more »

Forever Slim!

Honestly, I have been on many diets. And honestly, they have all worked for a time, but gradually all the weight has come back, and then some. Mindful eating is the exact opposite of being on a diet. It is a system of habits that you learn, and once they become part of your being,… Read more »