Tips of the Trade: College Readiness: Creating a Blueprint for Success

College success is a goal that most of us expect. Schools and families do their part to guide and counsel children towards skill building, good decision-making, and maturity. Notwithstanding these best efforts, many newly minted high school graduates struggle as they transition into demanding post-secondary environments. Some students transfer colleges, some take more than four… Read more »

Want to up your brain power? Try mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness makes us smarter, kinder, better? Really? Absolutely! At a seminar we recently attended, author and neuropsychologist Rich Hanson, Ph.D., said that numerous studies have proven that mindfulness does physically change our brains, which in turn changes our entire lives – from the inside out. And how does this happen? Through mindfulness meditation, in which… Read more »

Multi-Dimensional Solutions to Life’s Problems

In my work as a Psychotherapist, I’m daily reminded that “life happens” to us all. Rather than looking at distress as pathology, however, at The Life Solution Center of Darien, we recognize that it is usually a normal reaction to life’s problems.. It’s what we do about those problems that makes the difference between health… Read more »

Make Change a Routine

Routine has countless benefits. Developing personal structure and organization is what helps many of us to become contented and successful. Stephen Covey, author of the ground-breaking book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, drives home to individuals and corporations the value of systematizing one’s calendar and one’s life. Establishing routine is valuable in many ways… Read more »

Inner v. Outer Beauty: Finding the Balance

For the past 2 ½ decades I’ve met with many people who are overly focused on their physical appearances. On the other hand I’ve assisted folks who are angry that the world seems to judge them based on how they look. They believe that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and contend that judgments… Read more »


“Twenty-Somethings” Can Find Passion and Purpose Is your twenty-something betwixt and between, living at home, and causing you sleepless nights? Is he or she among the 50% of college grads who’ve been unable to find jobs? I regularly meet with young people (or their parents), distressed because they know they aren’t kids anymore, yet certainly… Read more »

Your Essential Interview Checklist

Going out for interviews can be stressful and nerve wrecking but it doesn’t have to be.  Being prepared is key to a successful interview.  The more homework you do ahead of time,  the less stress you will feel.  We’ve got the essential interview checklist to help you land that job and make it a little… Read more »

5 Steps to Tackling Your Productivity Road Blocks

We’ve all experienced problems in our businesses in which we become so entrenched that we can’t find a way to move forward. I call these productivity roadblocks. For solo-entrepreneurs this can be particularly detrimental, as the success of their business relies solely on their personal productivity and participation. As a writer, my problems—likely not surprisingly—often… Read more »

How To Reinvent Yourself From The Inside Out

This past Friday we held a program at The Darien Community Association (DCA), a non-profit established in 1923.  Executive Director, Amy Bell welcomed guests as they entered the gorgeous Victorian-style mansion built in the late 1800’s.  The program was for women who are trying to reinvent themselves and venture out into the working world after… Read more »