Tips of the Trade: College Readiness: Creating a Blueprint for Success

College success is a goal that most of us expect. Schools and families do their part to guide and counsel children towards skill building, good decision-making, and maturity. Notwithstanding these best efforts, many newly minted high school graduates struggle as they transition into demanding post-secondary environments. Some students transfer colleges, some take more than four… Read more »

Spring Renewal

Have you noticed a new “spring” in your step?  Now that the Vernal Equinox is behind us spring has indeed sprung; daffodils are starting to sprout and birds have begun to sing.  In addition to the force of Mother Nature, brain physiology may play a role in our renewed vigor. In the winter our lack… Read more »

RAM Council Foundation Presents: The Power of Prevention: Success Stories and Strategies for Healthy Teen Years

Thursday, March 31, 2016 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm New Canaan High School Wagner Room Student Presentations by NCHS 9th – 12th  Substance-Free Members Q & A with Prevention Panel Suggestion Donation: Adults $10; Students Free PANEL OF EXPERTS: Rob Mallozzi, New Canaan First Selectman Mark Davis, Headmaster St. Luke’s New Canaan, Family Story Joe… Read more »

RAM Council in the New Canaanite

The Ram Council Foundation, an organization built around a group of NCHS students who lead substance-free lives, is scheduled on the night of Thursday, March 31 to hold a panel discussion, “The Power of Prevention: Success Stories and Strategies for Healthy Teen Years.” The question-and-answer session will feature panelists such as New Canaan First Selectman… Read more »

Holiday Gratitude Heals

  At holiday time most of us offer thanks to friends and loved ones, letting them know we’re happy that they are in our lives. We do this by way of emails and texts; with holiday cards and gifts; or at celebrations of the season. Many of us express our gratitude by reaching out to… Read more »

Is a Wandering Mind the Devil or the Cure?

The single biggest challenge our students face during meditation is their wandering minds. Our response? We congratulate them, because noticing that their mind wanders is the first step in achieving mindfulness – that present moment awareness we strive to bring into every facet of our lives. Our suggestion to them is to notice their thoughts,… Read more »

Why mindfulness works for teens

Teens are busy. School. Social life. Sports. After-school jobs. Throw in building a well-rounded high-school resume, and you’ve arrived at a perfect recipe for stress. Enter mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about focusing and being present in the moment. And the means to achieve this is with meditation – probably not an easy sell to a… Read more »

Multi-Dimensional Solutions to Life’s Problems

In my work as a Psychotherapist, I’m daily reminded that “life happens” to us all. Rather than looking at distress as pathology, however, at The Life Solution Center of Darien, we recognize that it is usually a normal reaction to life’s problems.. It’s what we do about those problems that makes the difference between health… Read more »

Make Change a Routine

Routine has countless benefits. Developing personal structure and organization is what helps many of us to become contented and successful. Stephen Covey, author of the ground-breaking book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, drives home to individuals and corporations the value of systematizing one’s calendar and one’s life. Establishing routine is valuable in many ways… Read more »

Inner v. Outer Beauty: Finding the Balance

For the past 2 ½ decades I’ve met with many people who are overly focused on their physical appearances. On the other hand I’ve assisted folks who are angry that the world seems to judge them based on how they look. They believe that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” and contend that judgments… Read more »